Rules overview of FreeDoko

Table of contents

  1. Order of cards
  2. Special rules
  3. Announcements
  4. Soli

Order of cards

trump value

heart ten 10

club queen 3
spade queen 3
heart queen 3
diamond queen 3

club jack 2
spade jack 2
heart jack 2
diamond jack 2

diamond ace 11
diamond ten 10
diamond king 4
diamond nine 0

club ace 11
club ten 10
club king 4
club nine 0

spade ace 11
spade ten 10
spade king 4
spade nine 0

heart ace 11

heart king 4
heart nine 0

Special rules

a single trump ace, which the opposing team jabs, earns a bonus point.
both trump aces on one hand are the highest trump (even higher than heart ten)
poverty (a solo comes first)
both club queens on one hand: the player may choose a criterion for his teammate (first foreign trick, first foreign spade trick, ...)


till trick announcement  meaning 

2 re club queen
no 120 points for opposite team
2 kontra versus club queens
no 120 points for opposite team
3 no 90 no 90 points for opposite team
6 no 60 no 60 points for opposite team
9 no 30 no 30 points for opposite team
9  black  non Stich for opposite team

When the first trick has 30 points or more, then the winner of this trick must say re or contra.

Re and contra doubles the value of a game. All other announcements are one bonus point for the winnerteam

In the order of annoucement must none be left out.


diamond solo
no changes
color solo
one color replaces the diamond cards as trump
queen solo
only queens are trump
jack solo
only jacks are trump
queen-jack solo
only queens and jacks are trump
only kings, queens and jacks are trump
there are no trumps
hidden solo
a player with marriage makes no announcement

Each solo has the triple value for the solo player.

All unused former trumps are placed among the none trump cards. Order: Ace, ten, king, queen, jack, nine.